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Changing The URL Of Your WordPress Site

WordPress web site owners often come to realize that they want to change the URL of their web site, whether it is because they want the site to be accessible from the root folder (without using a redirect) or because they want to change the domain name of the web site. If you’d like to […]

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Accessing Your WordPress Site From The Root Folder

Update June 06, 2010 – This is an old post and I actually never do this any more. Please see the comments. Thanks. I see a lot of people asking how to make their WordPress site accessible from the root directory folder. In most standard installations, WordPress is installed in a sub-folder and the only […]

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Finally, a post about Wordpress for people who have never used it. Are you “wp-curious”?

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Excluding Your Web Site From Search Engines

People often write about how to increase your search engine ranking by using noindex and nofollow meta tags to avoid indexing of links & pages that lead to duplicate content, and robots.txt files to invite the search engines in, but what if you don’t want your site indexed at all? This is useful for private […]

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WordPress SEO – Permalinks Options and Structure

A great way to increase your blog’s search engine friendliness is to customize your permalink structure. This is extremely simple to do and ideally should be done as soon as you set up your blog, before people start linking to it. However, the good news is that the old “ugly” links will still work (and […]

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