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WOT Internet Security And Ratings Utility

WOT (Web of Trust) is a free Internet security addon for Internet Explorer (PC only) and Firefox (Mac or PC). This utility allows you to rate web sites for trustworthiness and will warn you before you enter an untrustworthy site. The simple setup offers three levels of protection:

  • Light – Rating icons are shown only for dangerous sites, No pop-ups
  • Basic (Recommended) – Rating icons shown for all sites, Search Results ratings shown in pop-up window
  • Child Safety – Blocks access to sites that contain adult language and content, All unrated sites are blocked

Set to Basic default, WOT will warn you if you attempt to connect to any sites that have a poor level of Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, or Privacy. A “poor” or “very poor” rating in any area will trigger a warning. When child safety mode is in place, it will also block sites that contain mature or inappropriate content.

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Clients occasionally ask me what’s the difference between setting up a web site on as opposed to downloading WordPress from and installing it on your own server. Of course the answer is that there are many. Here are some…

Domain Name

  • By installing WordPress on your own server, you can drive traffic to your own domain and increase your web site’s overall search engine ranking.
  • On you can buy a domain name for $15 per year or map to an existing domain name for $10 per year. If you don’t have a domain of your own and don’t wish to purchase one, you can have a subdomain on (e.g. for free.

Installation & Setup

  • Setting up on is as simple as providing a valid email address and filling out an online form. Just about anyone can do it.
  • Installing WordPress on your own server can also be very simple. Many web hosts provide an automatic installer, which again only requires completing an online form. I like Lunarpages because for only $4.95 per month you can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of subdomains, add-on domains, POP email addresses, and databases. They also have an automatic installer that allows you to set up multiple instances of WordPress whether on one domain or different domains.


Excluding Your Web Site From Search Engines

People often write about how to increase your search engine ranking by using noindex and nofollow meta tags to avoid indexing of links & pages that lead to duplicate content, and robots.txt files to invite the search engines in, but what if you don’t want your site indexed at all? This is useful for private organizations and anyone who does not want their site indexed for any reason.

Noindex is fairly self explanatory. Simply put, a noindex tag tells the search engines not to index this page.

Nofollow is a similar tag. It tells the search engines not to follow any of the links on the page.

That’s just the beginning…


WordPress SEO – Permalinks Options and Structure

A great way to increase your blog’s search engine friendliness is to customize your permalink structure. This is extremely simple to do and ideally should be done as soon as you set up your blog, before people start linking to it. However, the good news is that the old “ugly” links will still work (and they are shorter, which can be better for emailing).

In your WP Admin, click Settings > Permalinks

Click the “Custom Structure” radio button

Copy & paste this code into the box to the right to show the year, category name, and post name in the Permalink (this is probably the most popular link structure):



WordPress Plugins – Caveats for Emptors

Here’s a list of WordPress plugins that didn’t work out for me and why. Keep in mind that these plugins may have been updated since this writing and the very issues presented here may since have been fixed. Also remember that sometimes a plugin doesn’t work because of a conflict with another plugin, so these things might not happen to you…

Event Calendar 3 by Alex Tingle – This plugin was putting all event posts into the Uncategorized category by default. The category checkbox was grayed out and could not be unchecked.

Registered Users Only by Viper007Bond – This plugin caused users who had already logged in (including myself) to get kicked back to the login screen when clicking links within the site. Also, a user who I have never met said that he went to my login screen and my user name was pre-filled in the dialog box. He couldn’t have made this up because my user name is not even a real word, yet he knew what it was.