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Long Term Investing in Dividend Stocks

If you’re a beginning investor you probably have some money saved, and now you’re trying to figure out what to buy and why. Dividend stocks can be a good choice for the foundation of a long term investment portfolio.

Dividend payout vs. yield
One of the first things that you’ll need to know is that dividend payouts are in dollars per share, and dividend yield is the percentage of the current stock price that is being paid by the dividend. So, a stock that is trading at $100 per share and pays $5 per share dividend is said to yield 5%. The yield changes with the stock price. If the stock price were to drop, the yield would increase, and vice versa, assuming that the payout remains the same.

This is a one-year chart of Potash Corp (POT). The dividend of $1.40 was paid quarterly at 35 cents per share. You can see that the stock price and the yield always move in opposite directions. As one goes up, the other goes down while the payout per share remains the same.

Potash Corp one year  stock price vs. dividend yield chart

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5 Reasons to Sell POT Today!

I just read a well-timed article on Profitable Trading. Unfortunately I read it a day too late. POT did break out today. If you bought it yesterday you could have sold it today and walked away with a nice profit.

1) However, that spike upward just brings POT back to the normal downward trend that it has been on since March 2011, making a correction from the price drop on 7/30/13.

POT 5 Year Chart

POT 5 Year Chart


Financial Planning For Your Baby

You just had a baby? Congratulations! How do you come up with a financial plan for a baby?

You can start by checking out an interest compounding calculator. I chose this one today only because it came up in a search. You can pick numbers that make sense to you, but the important thing is to create a plan and a goal. (more…)

When To Sell A Stock or Fund – A Tough Question

Knowing when to sell an investment in a stock or fund can be harder than knowing when to buy. The reason is because selling has so many of its own rules and rationalizations to consider. For example:

The type of investment account is a major consideration. Is it a 401(k) that has a limited number of investments to choose from? Is it a Roth IRA with no taxes on gains? Is it an individual account subject to short-term or long-term capital gains taxes? How much will you pay in fees by selling?

The Twitter IPO – A Big Success For Who?

Was the Twitter IPO a big success? I guess that would depend upon who you ask.

As we know, the figures show a whopping 72.69% gain today with a “previous close” of $26 and a high for the day of over $50, but CNN Money shows today’s opening price as $45.10 and closing price as $44.90. So, if you were a member of the general public buying this stock today, you probably lost money; possibly a big loss.