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Review of Atlas 3862 Milwaukee Road 97155 GATX Airslide® Covered Hopper

Atlas 3862 GATX Airslide Milwaukee Road 97155

Here’s a quick review of the N Scale Atlas 3862 Milwaukee Road 97155 GATX 34′ Airslide® Single Bay Covered Hopper freight car.

This is my 2nd Atlas freight car, and they both have plastic wheels and non-mechanical knuckle couplers.

I’m disappointed in the quality of the lettering on this car. You can see in the photo that the M is messed up. It’s like that on both sides, so apparently this is the way it was made. I have seen others on eBay with the same messed up M. My other Atlas freight car has better detailing.

Overall I’d say that this is not the pride of my fleet with the plastic wheels, non-mechanical couplers, and sub-par lettering, but it might be a good candidate for my first attempt at weathering or for use as non-moving scenery.

Trovestar tells me that these cars were in use from 1939 – 1957, and that the release date for this model is January 1, 1994. It is marked BLT 3-56.

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