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Review of Atlas 37594A Union Pacific 53471 TOFC Piggyback Flat Car with Trailers

Atlas 37594A Union Pacific 53471 Piggyback Flat Car with Trailers

I’m pretty happy with the quality of this N Scale Atlas 37594A Union Pacific 53471 Double TOFC 50′ Piggyback Flat Car with Trailers. Like my other Atlas freight car, it has plastic wheels and non-mechanical knuckle couplers.

I find the details on this car to be very good, with legible graphics. It’s worth noting that the trailers are permanently mounted to the car, and are not (meant to be) removable.

In case you are wondering TOFC is an acronym for Trailer On Flat Car. This was an early form of Intermodal railroad shipping, when vehicles and trailers were loaded directly onto flat cars, before shipping containers became the norm. “Truck trailers were first carried by railway before World War II, an arrangement often called “piggyback”, by the small Class I railroad, the Chicago Great Western in 1936.” (per Wikipedia) So, this is a great car to have in your fleet if you are modeling that era, or slightly later. I am personally modeling Union Pacific in the 40s-50s, so this is perfect for me.

Trovestar tells me that these cars were in use from 1939 – 1957 (although I am unable to find a “NEW” or “BLT” date on this model), and that the release date for this model is November 1, 2007.

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