The Twitter IPO – A Big Success For Who?

Was the Twitter IPO a big success? I guess that would depend upon who you ask.

As we know, the figures show a whopping 72.69% gain today with a “previous close” of $26 and a high for the day of over $50, but CNN Money shows today’s opening price as $45.10 and closing price as $44.90. So, if you were a member of the general public buying this stock today, you probably lost money; possibly a big loss.

What you might not know is that the big fund managers get first crack at buying shares in the company before they become available to the general public. So, the general public never saw that low $26 price, and unless you are an expert at market timing (because there were two peaks and valleys in one day), you are probably showing a loss on the day.

Caveat Emptor

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