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WordPress Tutorials/Hacks

1. WordPress Theme Hacks (Source: Web Designer Wall)

2. Removed by author.

3. Create a Dynamic Sticky (Source: Maxpower)

4. Styling Individual Posts Using the_ID (Source: WP Designer)

5. Show Category Images (Source: JTPratt)

6. Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks (Source: Hack WordPress)

7. Customize your WordPress Login (Source: David Airey)

8. Date Image Hack (Source: YugaTech)

9. How to place a login form in the sidebar (Source: WP Designer)

10. WP: KeyBoard Shortcuts (Source: Tip Monkies)

11. Making Better Use of Your Error “404? Page (Source: Hack WordPress)

12. Customize Your 404 Page (Source: Theme Playground)

13. WordPress accessibility hacks (Source: Bruce Lawson)

14. Reset your Lost WordPress Administrator Password (Source: Village Idiot)

15. The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs (Source: Pearsonified)

16. Do-It-Yourself WordPress Hover Menu (Pop-Up) (Source: WP Designer)

17. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme (Source: Pearsonified)

18. Removed

19. WordPress and the custom fields, a overlooked feature (Source: Gate 303)

20. DiggProof your WordPress (Source: Circle Six Blog)

21. WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited (Source: Zeo)

22. Widgetizing Themes (Source: Automattic)

23. Cloaking to Stop Scraping (Source: Plagiarism Today)

24. Server load button for blogs (Source: Jesse Chilcott’s Journal)

25. Giving each WordPress post a thumbnail, and display the thumbnail on the home page (Source: WordPress Garage)

26. How to create overlapping tabs (Source: WP Designer)

27. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title (Source: Hack WordPress)

28. Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google (Source: Hack WordPress)

29. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog (Source: Hack WordPress)

30. Make a Mobile Friendly Version of your Blog with Google Reader (Source: Digital Inspiration)

31. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory (Source: WP Designer)

32. How to Format Images for Feed Readers (Source: Pearsonified)

33. Add Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting To Your WordPress Blog (Source: Hack WordPress)

34. Huge Compilation of WordPress Code (Source: Hack WordPress)

35. 4 Simple ways to Speed up WordPress (Source: WP Candy)

36. WordPress Date Button (Source: WP Designer)

37. Wicked WordPress Archives in One Easy Step! (Source: Pearsonified)

38. Make Yourself Available to Readers with a Contact Form (Source: Hack WordPress)

39. WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System (Source: Graphic Design Blog)

40. Installing Xampp and WordPress (Locally) (Source: Tamba 2)

41. WordPress Category Page Hacks (Source: Jehiah)

42. 3 WordPress Hacks For SE-Friendly Blog Archives (Source: SEO Egghead)

43. Opening Links in New Windows (Source: Ajay)

44. WordPress Thumbnail Size Limit Hack (Source: Lorelle on WordPress)

45. Restore your WordPress Database (Source: Tamba 2)

46. Validating WordPress (Source: WordPress Codex)

47. Backing Up WordPress (Source: Lorelle on WordPress)

48. Moving Your WordPress Blog to a New Directory (Source: Big Biz Blog)

49. Moving Your WordPress Blog to a New Directory (Source: Big Biz Blog)

WordPress Video Tutorials

50. The Best WordPress Plug-ins

51. How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

52. Removed by author

53. Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

54. WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

55. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

56. WordPress tutorial–installing on a local server

57. Recover WordPress Password When You Have Forgotten It

58. WordPress Tutorial – Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor

59. WordPress Tutorial – Make Menus of Links With the Blogroll 2

60. How-to: Use WordPress/PodPress to podcast to iTunes

61. How to Put Adsense on Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Podcasts

62. The WordPress Podcast

63. The WordPress Weekly

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