WordPress SEO Plugin – The Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool

Now that my blog has been up a few weeks I feel like I finally have some time to start thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Today I’m checking out The Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool plugin by Jonathan Kemp.

This plugin allows you to add “noindex” and “nofollow” tags to your WordPress blog pages.

Right now some of you are thinking “Great! Why?”.

The reason this is desirable is because by default, WordPress creates a lot of duplicate content. For example, you can read the same post on the home page as you can by clicking the link for the category that the post is in, or the one for the month that it was posted, or by finding it with the on-site search, etc. This actually hurts your site’s ranking, so it behooves you to install this plugin or something very much like it. What I like about this plugin is that it lets you check off the common pages that you would like the tags to be placed in, and also lets you type in the page IDs of any others that you’d like to add. What more could you want?

BTW, this is also why you should assign your posts to only one category. Assigning them to more than one is another way of creating duplicate content, and thus hurting your site’s ranking.

Since most bloggers rely on the idea of building up traffic and statitics in order to gain clients or sell advertising, blogging without this plugin is like… well, let’s just say that you get what you deserve if you don’t use one.

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