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Here’s the plugin that you hope you never need – Next Of Kin

What this plugin does is monitor your visits to your WordPress admin and notify you and/or the person(s) that you choose if you haven’t visited in a definable number of weeks. So, it will basically let the chosen person(s) know if you have been ignoring your blog.

Taking it one step further, if you still don’t visit your blog a set amount of time after receiving the first warning, it will send  a second email to your contact(s) of choice as well as a separate email that you have written to your “next of kin” (again this can be more than one person) to let them know that you haven’t been checking in.

After another set interval it will send a final email to let the recipients of your choice know that you have completely stopped checking in, and may in fact be incapacitated or deceased.

The idea is that you could send someone your blog’s admin password or any other information you’d like them to have in the event of a tragedy. For security reasons, I personally think it’s better to direct them to a place or places where they can find the information physically than it is to store the information on a web server and email it.

This may seem a bit morbid, but for those who live or work alone, or don’t keep in touch with the outside world very often, it can let those near and dear to you know that something is wrong, and give them information so that they can follow up with your wishes. A bit creepy, but it does serve a legitimate purpose, even if that is just to make sure that your blog continues to be maintained.

Live long and prosper (did I actually just quote Mister Spock from Star Trek?)

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