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Long Term Investing in Dividend Stocks

If you’re a beginning investor you probably have some money saved, and now you’re trying to figure out what to buy and why. Dividend stocks can be a good choice for the foundation of a long term investment portfolio.

Dividend payout vs. yield
One of the first things that you’ll need to know is that dividend payouts are in dollars per share, and dividend yield is the percentage of the current stock price that is being paid by the dividend. So, a stock that is trading at $100 per share and pays $5 per share dividend is said to yield 5%. The yield changes with the stock price. If the stock price were to drop, the yield would increase, and vice versa, assuming that the payout remains the same.

This is a one-year chart of Potash Corp (POT). The dividend of $1.40 was paid quarterly at 35 cents per share. You can see that the stock price and the yield always move in opposite directions. As one goes up, the other goes down while the payout per share remains the same.

Potash Corp one year  stock price vs. dividend yield chart

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5 Reasons to Sell POT Today!

I just read a well-timed article on Profitable Trading. Unfortunately I read it a day too late. POT did break out today. If you bought it yesterday you could have sold it today and walked away with a nice profit.

1) However, that spike upward just brings POT back to the normal downward trend that it has been on since March 2011, making a correction from the price drop on 7/30/13.

POT 5 Year Chart

POT 5 Year Chart


Changing The URL Of Your WordPress Site

WordPress web site owners often come to realize that they want to change the URL of their web site, whether it is because they want the site to be accessible from the root folder (without using a redirect) or because they want to change the domain name of the web site.

If you’d like to do this, first ask yourself if you feel comfortable editing the code in your theme files, and if you feel comfortable using FTP to upload the edits to your web server. Remember to use a plain-text editor to make all of your edits, not a word processing program like MS Word. If you can do those things without hesitation, you’ve made it over the first hurdle.


Accessing Your WordPress Site From The Root Folder

Update June 06, 2010 – This is an old post and I actually never do this any more. Please see the comments. Thanks.

I see a lot of people asking how to make their WordPress site accessible from the root directory folder. In most standard installations, WordPress is installed in a sub-folder and the only way to access the site is to add that sub-folder name to the site’s URL.

If you read the support forum you’ll find posts suggesting that you move the WordPress index.php file to the root folder and change a few things in that file. You’ll also see replies from people who have tried it unsuccessfully.

Here’s a little trick that will allow you to access your WordPress site from the root URL without moving or modifying any of the WordPress installation files. This method will “hide” the WordPress installation’s folder name when people access your home page but they will see the folder name in URLs when they start clicking around…

(more…) vs.

Clients occasionally ask me what’s the difference between setting up a web site on as opposed to downloading WordPress from and installing it on your own server. Of course the answer is that there are many. Here are some…

Domain Name

  • By installing WordPress on your own server, you can drive traffic to your own domain and increase your web site’s overall search engine ranking.
  • On you can buy a domain name for $15 per year or map to an existing domain name for $10 per year. If you don’t have a domain of your own and don’t wish to purchase one, you can have a subdomain on (e.g. for free.

Installation & Setup

  • Setting up on is as simple as providing a valid email address and filling out an online form. Just about anyone can do it.
  • Installing WordPress on your own server can also be very simple. Many web hosts provide an automatic installer, which again only requires completing an online form. I like Lunarpages because for only $4.95 per month you can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of subdomains, add-on domains, POP email addresses, and databases. They also have an automatic installer that allows you to set up multiple instances of WordPress whether on one domain or different domains.