John Nasta Photographer

I am a native New Yorker and a graduate of the School Of Visual Arts BFA Photography program.

Early in my career I had the pleasure of working with Bob Kiss, who at the time was shooting many of the covers for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine as well as working with other major fashion publications. During that time I met many of the supermodels of the day as well as many celebrities and artists.

After that I went to work as studio manager for Joe Standart, who was and still is known for his ability to handle large-scale productions in still and motion picture photography.

A few years later I began working at Broadcast Arts, where they had just begun shooting Pee Wee's Playhouse and other TV shows and commercials, particularly those known for stop-motion animation.

Finally, I became a freelancer and continue to do still photography as well as lighting & set construction for television & film.

Recent Film & Television Experience

The Art Of Love - Best Boy Rigging Grip
Cesar Baptista Key Rigging Grip, Location

Running Wilde - Rigging Grip
Dennis Gamiello Key Grip, Ron Mazzola Best Boy, Location

30 Rock - Construction Grip
Rob Schmidt - Best Boy, Silvercup Studios

It's Kind Of A Funny Story - Rigging Grip / Dolly Grip
David Stern Key Grip, Paul Niccolls Best Boy, Location

Gravity (Failure To Fly) - Construction Grip
Keith Gordon Key Grip, Matt Setton Best Boy, Location

Nurse Jackie - Construction Grip
Steve Baker Key Grip, Bob Schulman Best Boy, Kaufman Astoria Studios

The Beaver - Construction Grip
Jonathan Graham Key Grip, Cinema World

Wall Street II - Shooting Grip
Tommy Praitt Key Grip, Chris Kilduff Best Boy, 25 Broadway

Mercy - Shooting Grip
Joe Donaghan Key Grip, Passaic NJ Location

Sex & The City II - Construction Grip
Mike Miller Key Grip, Steiner, Broadway Stages, Silvercup

Rescue Me - Construction Grip
Brian Tonkin Best Boy, Withers St. Stage

Ugly Betty - Shooting Grip / Construction Grip
Tom Kerwick Jr. Best Boy, Location
Francis Catalano Key Construction Grip, Silvercup East

Gossip Girl - Construction Grip
Artie Boyd Key Grip, Silvercup

Law & Order - Electrician
Pat Cousins Gaffer, John Keeley & Jeremy Hill Best Boys
Jeremy Hill Gaffer, Chris DiBlau Best Boy, Location